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What steps should I take to help my child through the divorce?

Be an active parent. Take care of your child and be involved in his or her life. Consider your priorities in allotting time to family, work, and other activities. Your child needs your time and attention more than he or she needs expensive outings or gifts. Sharing an ordinary day at home, doing the laundry, going shopping, preparing supper and doing the dishes, is quality time. Other good activities to share are bike rides, hikes, neighborhood walks, board games, and reading aloud.

Take your child to the doctor, stay home with your child when he or she is sick, assist with a school outing. If the other parent has a class, therapy session, or lawyer's appointment, offer to take care of the child.

It is important to attend the child's school and sports events, even if they occur during the other parent's time. But take care not to have hostility between you and the other parent spoil the event for the child.

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Posted April 4, 2012

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