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What is family law in New Hampshire?

In New Hampshire, "family law" is a very general term covering divorce, parenting (formerly custody), support, domestic violence, paternity, after-divorce, same-sex relationships, grandparents' rights, interstate disputes, juvenile delinquency, abuse and neglect, CHINS (Children in Need of Services), adoption, and guardianships of minors cases. Some would also include in family adult guardianships, probate estates, and name changes.

Only a few lawyers regularly handle all of these types of cases. Most New Hampshire family law attorneys focus their practices on a subset of the larger group, such as:

Some lawyers limit their practices to just one area, such as domestic violence, same-sex relationships, or appeals of family law decisions.

If you need a lawyer for a family law problem or case, be sure to select one who regularly handles that sort of family law matter. If your issue is a specialized one, such as interstate or international parenting issues, you may have to do more research to find a knowledgeable lawyer. Even within the topic "divorce" there are subspecialties such as divorce involving a small business, relocation of one parent, and parenting schedule.

Some New Hampshire family law attorneys focus on assisting clients to settle disputes and others primarily litigate (go to court). It is important to have a lawyer whose approach you prefer, as well as one who is experienced in your type of case.

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Posted August 25, 2008

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