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NH child support guidelines

The Guidelines, New Hampshire's formula for child support, was substantially changed in 2013. It continues to be based on a percentage of parental income, but the percentages have changed. Parents with higher income now pay a smaller percentage of their income.

The State has an online calculator to estimate what child support would be in your case: http://www.dhhs.nh.gov/dcss/calculator.htm.

Generally, one parent pays support (with rare exceptions), and may have to maintain life and health insurance. Even if the parents have an equal parenting schedule, there may be child support. Before approving an agreement for zero cash child support, the judicial officer must conclude that the child or children will be provided for in each home. An order with no cash child support is usually limited to cases of equal incomes, as well as equal parenting schedules.

More information on the NH child support guidelines is available in this article:

NH Law: Child Support


Posted January 19, 2015

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