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The Proposed Amendment to the Alimony Statute

The elimination of the federal tax deduction for alimony effective January 1, 2019 changed the expected after-tax outcomes for payors and payees using the NH alimony formula. The Alimony Working Group has drafted corrective legislation that will be sponsored by Senator Carson, the sponsor of the original alimony reform bill.

The article by Honey Hastings referenced below appears in the Family Law section of the November edition of the New Hampshire Bar News, the official publication of the New Hampshire Bar Association. It provides practice tips for dealing with the impact of the tax law change now, to avoid the need to modify later.

Proposed Amendment to the Alimony Statute

As an inactive member of the Bar and author of The NH Divorce Handbook (2nd ed.), Honey Hastings is a frequent advocate for family law reform. She operates Amoskeag Continuing Education and is a practicing Certified Family Mediator.

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Posted December 16, 2019

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