Divorce Documents in New Hampshire

An uncontested New Hampshire divorce requires filing 11 documents (6 if no minor children). These forms are available on the court's website here at no cost. Do not pay some commercial legal forms website $100 or more for the forms, as they are not the official forms. The court may reject them or require you to change them before granting the divorce.

For a checklist of the required forms, please print this page. Note that many of the forms come with instructions. Please read them before starting on the forms.

The court website also includes optional forms needed only in some situations.

If the forms don't fit your family situation, or you have trouble filling them out, consider either reading The New Hampshire Divorce Handbook or talking with a lawyer, or both. Many lawyers will assist with forms for the equivalent of one to two hours of their time.

Checklist of Documents Needed for Uncontested Divorce


Posted May 28, 2015

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